Cross-site tracking in Brave Shield breaking app

We’re running into an issue with Brave Shield classifying a request to the same site and a URL like this as cross-site tracking, causing the application to break. Can you please shed some light as to why this could occur and/or if there’s anything we can do to address it?

We blocked all trackers and ads, but limited cosmetic filtering. We have adjusted wording in future versions of Brave. In Brave Nightly it is now properly labeled Trackers and Ads.

I would turn off shields during site development.

Not sure I understand. We build and ship an application that is accessible via the browser and we’re seeing that somehow the term collectors is tripping the shield even though the endpoint is part of the application and it has nothing to do with tracking/ads. Are you saying that blocking of such endpoints is fixed or that just the wording of Cross-site trackers blocked has been changed?

In terms of tracking “collectors” are often used in event collection (tracking). I would either rename the filename, or we can whitelist on a per-site basis, if it’s causing issues on for the enduser browsing the site.

Got it. It seem like a reasonable heuristic, but is it valid even when the endpoint is on the same site/domain though? (ie the user is already visiting and the page is trying to access

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