Sent a tip to my uphold and it doesn't show up in my wallet

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O sent a tip form my phone to my uphold account and it doesn’t show up in my wallet

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Good way to get suspended

Why would I get suspended? Btw suspended from what?

It can get you flagged by Braves anti fraud system, but this might only apply to grant tokens, I’m not sure

There’s a thread that debates this topic more.

And on Reddit.

Personally, I wouldn’t do it.

If tipping is done using Rewards BAT you have earned from ads it is completely anonymous. Brave doesn’t know who is tipping you, the wallet on your mobile device is in no way connected or linked to your creator account.

In the past Brave used to give out Grants (basically free BAT) from something called the User Growth Pool. There were restrictions on the use of these Grants, which is were a lot of this confusion about self-tipping comes from. As far as I know Brave stopped giving these grants over a year ago.

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Because you send it to (?)

the user is anonymous yes, but I would suspect all reward token ledgers are uniquely identifiable for fraudulent purposes, I would assume they have a one to many relationship with their originating wallet at the very least

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