Creator Account History Data Gone - Green Check Gone?

Some reason my account is showing Unverified & no green check in icon, on my youtube, website, etc… my account was good for yrs. Also the previous data in the creator section like payout history etc, is missing. been like this for a few weeks, unsynced and resynced uphold even. Thank you any help is appreciated

v1.46.144 is version

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Is your country listed at

If not, thats the issue.

Thank you for responses, am synced to Uphold already, tried disconnecting & reconnecting to it as well. this is what it looks like a little. my browser says verified & creators doesn’t. but both were fine for yrs ya know hooked up to uphold, also reverified all my stuff in uphold as well.


@Greenhorn I’m going to suggest you create a Creators Support Ticket so Brave can try to investigate with you. Also, you didn’t mention looking at your Creators page to see if it shows you linked or if any messages there. So if you haven’t done that, go check there just to make sure that seems to be good.

Overall though, will be someone from Brave who will have to assist.