Creating Uphold Wallet?

Hi all,
I’ve been using brave for quite a while, on multiple devices. I see that I need 25 BAT to create an Uphold wallet.

  1. If I create an Uphold wallet, will that mean that I can link all my rewards into one place?
  2. It seems that anyone can create an Uphold account, so why do I need 25 BAT to do so?
  3. If I reach 25 BAT on one device and create an Uphold wallet, will I still need to reach 25 on every other device before I can link them in, or if I get to 25 BAT on one device, will I then be able to create the Uphold wallet and link all my devices, even if some of them are under 25?

Hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance.

  1. Yes you can link all rewards
  2. Not sure why exactly but I believe this is only for mobile versions of Brave. This is only for linking Brave and Uphold.
    3.As long as your account is verified, no you do not need to reach 25 on every device. Just verify the wallet on each device and when you’re connected you are good. I have 2 devices in the past I never obtained 25 BAT on.

Ok, great, thank you! Just one question - I’ve created and connected my uphold with my PC, but since I don’t yet have 25 BAT on my Android, I can’t sync that? Is that correct?

I actually do not remember exactly how it all worked, that was a while ago. I believe if you already linked the PC and it says wallet verified on your rewards page, then try linking to your mobile using your uphold login info. I do not remember waiting on having 25 BAT on mobile, but I do not remember. Sorry.

Hi. Perhaps you can help me too.

Can you remember if you had to create a Crypto Wallet from the options in Brave browser on each device, as well as linking it to your Uphold Wallet?

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