Can I create an Uphold Wallet with 25 BAT across multiple devices?

I’ve been using Brave since sometime around October 2020, and in that time I haven’t yet managed to accumulate enough BAT on any one device to set up an Uphold wallet, but between my Desktop, two Laptops, and two Smartphones I MIGHT just have 25 BAT total. With the current Uphold system, does all of my BAT need to be in one place to set up the account, or is Brave Sync smart enough to add my totals together when setting up the wallet?

I’m a little concerned because my old android phone was recently commandeered by William the Destroyer, my 4-year-old, autistic, kleptomanic, tech-obsessed phone catapult, and I would very much like to get my BAT off that device before he smashes it into oblivion.

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Hi @taylor85345, you can create a verified wallet with Uphold now with one of your desktop/ laptops.

The 25 BAT minimum is only required for Android devices before they can link to/ verify a wallet with Uphold - there are plans to change this in the future.

(The wallets do not sync, only link to the same Uphold account.)

You have mentioned five devices, so you should know that, at this time, there is a lifetime limit of 4 wallets/ devices with Brave-Uphold. You must choose which four, and leave one to just sit in the Brave browser wallet for now. *Bear this in mind when debating upgrading devices, reinstalling, and any reformatting, too.

The Gemini wallet does not have this stricter limitation, however it is for Creators only at this time - it will be implemented sometime this year for the rest of us. I don’t know if you would want to wait till then, or you wish to secure/ pool together/ manipulate your BAT now (Uphold).

Make sure your region isn’t on this list first:

If you’re in New York, it’s a bit of an issue, too… I believe Uphold lacks some trading license required there at this time.

Edit to add *

Thanks for the info! I guess I didn’t read closely enough and assumed the 25 BAT limit was for all devices. My laptop is good to go, and that’s where I had the bulk of my BAT anyway.

I guess that means for now I’ll have to just write off the BAT on my old phone and hope it survives until either Brave Sync v2 or the Gemini wallet transition

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You’re welcome! I found the ability to verify by sheer click-happiness while I was having a look around the browser, ended up on brave://rewards/ on my desktop, saw Verify and… yeah :upside_down_face:

@saereV I already have attached 4 brave accounts to my uphold account but the problem is my bats are stuck in almost every browser and showing different balance my balance should be probably 100 plus bats but it is showing 44 bats in my uphold account plz solve this I m attaching 4 screenshots for all 4 devices


Hi @patt17, with the payout still being processed, it’s difficult to say, so we must wait till it finishes and see what’s left behind. Have you read the information and instructions by Support?

Make sure you read the whole thread and follow it, as Support is updating the status regularly.

Is it possible you’ve gone over the limit - do you use multiple profiles with wallets on them?
Is there some kind of hold or review on your account, by Brave or Uphold?

I think the best is to wait for the payout to complete and follow the instructions and you should get the help you need :slight_smile:

okay thanks i will wait first

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