Crashing + Terminal opens randomly with Monterey, M1 Pro

Description of the issue:
The browser randomly crashes. This happened only starting recently when I switched to the new M1 Pro macbook, on macOS Monterey. The browser will randomly crash, then I will have to reopen but when I do that, it also opens a terminal window every time. Please see the attached screenshots.

The forum wasn’t letting me upload, so here are screenshots:

How can this issue be reproduced?
Difficult to give specific steps to reprod. Randomly crashes.

Expected result: Should launch and run without crashing and opening terminal.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.32.113 Chromium: 96.0.4664.45 (Official Build) (x86_64 translated)

Text copied from Terminal when Brave reopens, after crashing

 Brave crash error
	Last login: Thu Dec 23 16:00:33 on console
	/Applications/Brave\\ Browser ; exit;
	sahilchaturvedi@Sahils-MacBook-Pro ~ % /Applications/Brave\\ Browser ; exit;
	[4925:259:1224/] Failed to PNG encode the image.
	[4925:259:1224/] Failed to PNG encode the image.
	[4925:259:1224/] Failed to PNG encode the image.
	Failed to parse JSON adblock resources: EOF while parsing a value at line 1 column 0
	[4925:259:1224/] Device registration failed with fatal error
	[4925:259:1224/] Device registration failed with fatal error
	[4925:35331:1224/] Checking Bluetooth availability started. Please report if there is no report that this ends.
	[4925:35331:1224/] Checking Bluetooth availability ended.
	[4925:35331:1224/] Checking default browser status started. Please report if there is no report that this ends.
	[4925:35331:1224/] Checking default browser status ended.

@Support any idea here?

Any idea @fmarier @Mattches? It just happened again. Incredibly frustrating. Didn’t even do anything this time – just put my Mac to sleep and opened in a different location.

When you switched to the machine with the M1 chip, did you re-download/install the browser? Or did you use a macOS backup file to restore all apps/data?

I used a time machine backup to restore the app. Think that could be the issue? If yes, is there a recommended way to reinstall the browser fresh but restore my data?

I’m assuming the device you were previously using was not an M1 macbook, is that correct? If so, the reason this is happening (likely) is due to the fact that you restored your data using time machine which is fine but Brave has a separate install for macOS using M1 chips (vs intel chips).

So now on your new M1 mac, you have an intel chip version of Brave installed which is causing the issues you’re seeing. If you still have the old device/Brave installation with data intact we may be able to get at least some of your old Brave data into your new machine.

@Mattches I unfortunately do not have that old device, it’s broken.

If it’s a separate install of Brave for M1, maybe I could install that separately (M1 version), then import/sync/start a sync chain with the version that’s crashing and the new one that’s M1 optimized?

That was going to be my next suggestion but I wanted to ask internally and make sure that will work. I believe that in order to install the M1 version you will have to uninstall the old version and it’s associated data and I don’t want you to do that in the event this method doesn’t work.

Many Brave team members are currently still on PTO for the holidays so response time may be slow. I do appreciate your patience and will get back to you as soon as I know more.

So this should work the way you’re expecting it to.

  1. Start a sync chain with the current version of Brave and make sure you have a safe copy of the code words
  2. Install M1 version of Brave
  3. Add M1 version to the same Sync chain as the original install using the code words

You should be good to go.

Ok so I just followed the instructions, I’m now running the same data on the Apple Silicon version.

I’ll report back in a week or so if this solved the problem and mark it as solved.

Also for future people that stumble upon this post – remember to quit out of the Intel Brave version, otherwise any time you click on the Apple Silicon version it will just open a new window in the old Intel one.

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Thank you for confirming – I will keep this thread open in the event you have any further issues.

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