Couldn't connect Uphold account even though it's on the supported region

My account was opened in Bangladesh but recently I verified the account from Finland. uphold is supported by Finland so when I try to connect my updated uphold account with my brave wallet I am getting an error. I have tried to install the brave browser and connect again but nothing actually happens. I have contacted Uphold CC, They suggested me to contact Brave support. Can you help me on this issue?
looking forward to hearing from you.

I let me know if you need anything from my side. e.g. uphold customer id. or so.

my uphold id : 0b91cadf-b3bf-4c85-98d5-0f7779baec0a

Did you send them a Finland passport? It goes by your passport or other government ID that you used for KYC/AML purposes. If you only recently sent them basic documents to show change of address, that won’t be sufficient for the API they use.

My Uphold account is updated with a Finland address. They also checked from there side and ask me to communicate with Brave.

Thank you

You ignored my question. Did you give them a Finland passport? Updating address isn’t good enough.

Yes, I have updated my address by providing my passport, residence permit and govt provided certification. That address is reflected after there verification.

Thank you

and again without providing enough evidence of the residence you can’t update your uphold address. At least to update the county you have to create a ticket. That’s why I said my address is verified from uphold.

The problem is, you don’t mention what nationality passport you provided. If you used Bangladesh’s then seriously nothing can be done other than to submit a passport or other ID from Finland.
Also maybe talk to Uphold to see what nationality they see on their end.

I didn’t provide passport this time. I provide the valid residence permit I got from Finland. Now it’s seem’s like updating address is not working even though I provide valid id. I have the police card as well. The document’s I have provided -

You need to provide something that will make you look like a Finnish National.

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