Not able to connect account to uphold


I have reinstalled my windows and downloaded brave. After that I’m unable to connect my account to Gemini which was previously connected.

I then tried uphold as I’m residing in UK. And my address mentioned on uphold account is from UK and my ids are of UK only.

However I keep on getting error that country is not supported.

I had a chat with uphold customer care and they mentioned it has to do with brave as from their end my account should get brave rewards and should be connected.

Please help.

Are you sure your KYC Was done using documents from the UK?

Actually, this depends on what “part” of the UK. For example, we have had some people speak of how they are from Cayman Islands, which is considered by some as part of the UK. However, it’s considered separately as they are self governing. There are some other countries/territories/islands that fall under things like that. I was wanting to say Gibraltar might be similar, but I hesitated after I wrote it, hence this little edit I’m doing right away as I try my best not to say things wrong. But yes, it does become complicated. (and I apologize if I phrased anything wrong. Hopefully you get the point I’m trying to make, even if examples aren’t spot on)

So if you happen to be in one of those areas, that might be your issue. Another situation I think has come up sometimes is which passport you use.

For example, let’s say you’re from Ireland. If you’re using Ireland passport, there’s no difference in passport (last I saw) between Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Therefore if you use Ireland passport, it’s lumping you together with Republic of Ireland. I’m not sure if this is always a problem but I have had people report it before and they had to get UK documentation submitted in order to get things updated on Uphold.

So I guess, let me ask. When you did all of your KYC/AML, which documentation did you send? Like has your passport always been in the UK? Because the other issue people have had is perhaps they lived in India but then moved to the UK. They will update their address and submit proof of residence to the UK, but they don’t submit a new UK passport. In that case, Uphold will report to Brave that you’re still from India, even if they know you’re living in UK. The API reporting to Brave goes by your passport.

Sorry for the long reply. but would any of that make sense on what might be going on with you?

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