Region not supported while i live in the UK, Uphold account verified

Hello Support team,
I used to use Uphold wallet (verified) as my wallet to receive BAT on it, however and by sudden, when I connect it to Brave, always shows that region not supported although I live in the UK. I received a notification to update my region, I selected UK again but shows region not supported when I connect it to Brave
Thank you

Just to ask. When you verified Uphold, did you use UK passport or ID? Or might you have ever used a passport from a different country?

yes I used a passport from my another country but provided utility bills as a proof of address.
However my address on profile is UK, so I assume it should be fine

This is your issue. The API is not necessarily all that smart and Brave can’t see everything in your account. For KYC/AML through Uphold, you would be fine. But what happens is that Uphold’s system then communicates to Brave and says “passport from Country A” and then Brave says “Person is from Country A.”

So I’ll make this up. Let’s pretend you were from Republic of Ireland, which isn’t part of UK. Then you move to UK and changed your address. Brave would still see it as if you’re in Republic of Ireland and therefore not recognize you as UK until you updated your Photo ID provided to Uphold.

Thank you very much for this information, appreciate it indeed
The thing is it was working previously and for almost a year but 3 months ago it stopped.

Anyway, will try to update my ID on Uphold and see if it works. thanks anyway

Yeah, it’s mainly because of all the changes being made I suppose. In the past, as long as you were connected to a verified country, it didn’t much matter. But now they are getting a bit stricter on having things match up. This includes them having people choose a country, which locks the browser into that country for verification.

A lot of this started around July 2022 when almost the whole world (including the UK) stopped being supported. Brave has been slowly adding countries back People who had been connected prior to support being revoked had remained connected. But once you got logged out again (often happens every 90-120 days), then wouldn’t be able to reconnect if everything didn’t match.

Guessing you just fell between the cracks, so-to-speak, while all those changes occurred and didn’t hit a problem until now.

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I have the same issue. What about people who have settled status in the UK, but don’t have a UK passport/driving license. Current practices makes Brave useless in 3/4 of the world. All we want is a binance account wallet withdraw. It is that simple.

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