Cosmetic filter issue

Good evening,

The cosmetic filter no longer seems to work properly, but some time ago, it seems to me that there were no problems. In fact, I have to reload the page so that the filter is applied, in short, it doesn’t work the first time anymore.

Same behavior on stable 57.18, beta 59.8 and dev 60.2 versions.

I’ve create a new post cause we can’t reply to the precedent one:
How to use Brave's "Cosmetic Filter" to block undesired page elements :eyes:

Thanks for reaching out.
You’re perfectly fine to have created this topic. The old thread was only getting comments every now and then and is mostly being used as reference at this point.

As for your issue, what operating system are you using? I just tested on macOS and Win10 machines and the filter seems to be working without issue for me:

Is there a particular site in which it’s not working for you that you can share? I’d be happy to test it out on my end.

Sorry Mattches, I misexplained, it’s my fault. :no_mouth:

When I apply the filter, it runs right away. It’s okay. :+1:

It is after leaving and restarting Brave that the filter no longer works the first time and I have to reload the page for it to be good. :repeat_one:
It looks also, that sometimes the filter doesn’t work again, after long browsing, some deleted elements load again.

My OS is Linux Solus Budgie, brave installed by hand in /opt ( version from github) :eyes:

This behavior appends time to time, sometimes it woks, sometimes not. It’s unpredictable. Can’t reproduce easily. Strange. :brain:

Keep an eye out for this and let me know if you can start reproducing this. I’ll leave the thread open for the time being.

Brave beta v0.59.9, from ghacks to distrowatch where I have hide the top element of the left sidebar, you will see when I reload the page. I did it with other sites, enable script, disable Shield, same behavior.

EDIT: I’ve tried with a new profile, same behavior on distrowatch.

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