Copy and paste into word not working

I am trying to copy and paste from a Discord I am a member of into word. It is text and pictures.

The pictures are missed out totally - the pic below shows what I get in word

The next pic shows what is on the Discord

I might be doing something wrong but it’s always worked in Firefox


I am actually getting the same results as you in Firefox, Brave and Chrome when I try to copy/paste text and images from the Discord website into MS Word. I even went into MS Word settings for pasting content and made sure that the default wasn’t set to Keep text only when pasting from other programs but that still didn’t work.

I also tried pasting into Docs and that also only carried over the text — in fact, Docs said that the image is of an unsupported format.

Are you using a Windows machine at this time? I was able to copy/paste text and images from Discord into other applications on my macOS (formatting was a little weird but it did carry everything over, image and all).

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