Copying an pasting an image doesn't work properly

I think my problem is pretty far similar to Drag and Drop (images) doesn´t work

Description of the issue: RMB => Copy Image, pasting (Ctrl+V) images works not properly.

Found not working for:

  1. imgur*com
  2. web.whatsapp*com
  3. vk*com

Due to being a new user, I cannot upload more images in a topic, so they all are there:

-Copying image from the other tab with RMB => Copy Image
-Pasting it on imgur*com
Expected result: Image upload
What happens in Brave browser: Nothing literally.

-Copying image from other WhatsApp chat with RMB => Copy Image
-Opening the other conversation and pressing Crtl+V
Expected resilt: Image upload
What happens in Brave browser: Image literally pasted on textbox, but cannot be sent.

-Copying image wherever.
-Ctrl+V on conversation in vk*com.
Expected resilt: Image upload
What happens in Brave browser: An image pastes into the textbox, cannot be sent either.

The only way to upload an image is saving it as a file and select (or drag’n’drop) it manually from Windows explorer folder.
Hoping you’ll fix it in further updates because this feature is very handy to me and I don’t want to save any picture to my PC and select it manually to share.
Thank you.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.15.76

Hello @LourieParker

i tried it with imgur and the drag and drop and also copy and paste work fine my shield setting even aggresive and strict

could you disable all extension and try in private mode

hope that help and have a nice day

Indeed. In Private mode, it works fine. But in “normal mode”, disabling all extentions doesn’t help. I’ll try to reset all browser settings and try again. Thank you.

Yup, seretting all the settings has fixed the problem. Now I’ll try to step-by-step catche the source of a proublem while setting everything up back.

do not reset try to clear cache only and you welcome

I’ve found a source of the problem. It’s a Tampermonkey script called “Universal enable right click and copy”. I used it for a long time in various browsers to prevert sites to block RMB or selecting a text. Thank you for your support!!

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glad that you figured it out and you welcome :slight_smile:

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