Controlling Brave playlist playback via headphone buttons and Additions to the playlist feature

Hello, i have 3 requests that will aid the usability of the playlist feature much:

  1. please consider adding support for wired Headphone Play/stop button controlling the playlist playback. It is most useful when user has offline videos and wants to playback them mostly listening to them on the go (biking, hiking, etc) At the moment volume buttons work, 2x play/stop button Forwards the playlist, and 3x play/stop button Rewinds the playlist, but the play/stop button does not work, which is incomplete implementation.

  2. I think the newly added video should go to the bottom of the playlist, if the items in the playlist are already there. This would make adding multipart videos so much better.

  3. The indicator which playlist item is playing right now would be also very helpful.

Thank you so much for a very good product and your will to make it better!
I think this playlist feature is a standout feature and should be enhanced to solidify the browser position in the Ios app store!


bumping this up, it’s 2022, 07.

  1. when clicking around the playlist, the videos do not remember their location - for example when you play some video at 5:00 and you click to some other video and back, the first video restarts, it should continue from the 5 minute mark, that would be logical…thank you for your attention. still patiently waiting for the headphone keys to play/stop the playback.

Created a dedicated feature request for the resume feature: