iOS headphones issue

Hello, I’ve been listening to music from the brave playlist and whenever my iPhone headphones are plugged in, I can’t use the button commands on the earphone for stop/play/skip and so on. Increasing and decreasing the volume is no problem, however that’s the only thing that works with brave playlist. I believe fixing this is specially important for when music is in the background or on screen lock.

Maybe these functions are not compatible yet? Also, it might take some time to stop/play/skip the song. In my case, I need to wait 3-4 seconds before the song stops after pressing the button. I don’t know why it is so, but I can do nothing about it. That’s why I switch songs directly on my phone not to lose time.
You might also try to look for another option at There are better Bluetooth headphones out there, especially if you appreciate the sound quality more than the looks. I have owned these ones for more than a year, and these are the best headphones I have ever had.

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