Brave Playlist on iOS should remember where I left

Thanks for providing the Brave Playlist on iOS, this feature is so wonderful for saving bandwidth by downloading a video at home and listening to it on the go! Amazing that it also enables me to play the video within CarPlay!

A small addition which would make this feature even more helpful for me would be if the Brave Playlist could remember where I left the video playback. I use the Brave Playlist to download conferences (duration 1-2 hours). I have to stop the playback when I arrive at my destination, and I would like to resume the playback where I left the next time I open the video in the Brave Playlist.

Note: This feature was also requested by @resonate in July 2022 - Controlling Brave playlist playback via headphone buttons and Additions to the playlist feature

As of 01/24/2024 v1.60 the Playlist does and does not remember where I left off.

It does NOT remember WHICH video was playing.

But if I remember which video, and click on that video, it DOES remember where in that video I left off.

I’d like it to remember both.

Thank you to the developers and community. They’re/it’s great.