Playlist shuffle for music on mobile request

@steeven @support.brav @SaltyBanana


I would like to request a feature for the brave mobile playlists. I love the feature of being able to download music for offline and without ads, but there is a problem. The playlists has a “loop single video” and “loop whole playlist” feature, but I (and many other users as it seems) think a music player wouldn’t be complete without a shuffle feature, as it would make the order of the music more fun and interesting. About every other music player has shuffle, and I think it would be important if brave playlists had it. If there is a specific reason on why there isn’t a shuffle feature, please tell me. Thank you!

Also side note, for some reason my playlist thumbnails don’t download, they all just show the YouTube logo instead of the thumbnail. Not as important as a shuffle feature though.

It’s great to hear that you’re enjoying the Brave browser’s music playlist feature, and I appreciate your feedback. Feature requests are valuable for the development teams to understand user needs and preferences.

Regarding the lack of a shuffle feature and the issue with playlist thumbnails, it’s important to note that development decisions are often influenced by a variety of factors, including user demand, technical feasibility, and overall design considerations.

To address your concerns and potentially see these features implemented in the future, you may consider reaching out directly to the Brave browser development team or submitting your feedback through official channels. Many software companies have dedicated forums, feedback forms, or community platforms where users can share their thoughts, report issues, and request new features.

You can check the official Brave community forums, support channels, or the Brave GitHub repository for the most effective way to communicate your suggestions and report issues. This direct communication with the development team will provide them with valuable insights into user priorities and expectations.

Remember that software is often iteratively improved based on user feedback, and your input can contribute to making the Brave browser even better.