iOS Feature Wishlist

This app is already 5/5 for me. To make it even better here’s my wishlist:

  • swipe between tabs (like safari), swipe to the left on the right most tab should create new tab
  • airplay/bluetooth button on youtube videos (in addition to default controls, you have to maximise to click this currently)
  • playlist player should not appear till you click a video in the playlist (confuses me)
  • option to capture just audio or reduced video quality in playlist (like youtube)
  • standalone app or ability to create pwa’s (if ios permits, I’d like the bookmark youtube directly to my home screen/access playlists in standalone app)
  • let me change the colour theme of default and private browsing
  • change menu toggle order and optionally pin favourites (night mode/playlists quick access)
  • show search query in url bar rather than the url on
  • automatically forward my google searches (made from spotlight) to (until ios lets me change default)
  • carplay audio should let me adjust by scrubbing the media timeline
  • You can swipe between tabs on brave iOS by sliding across the lower bar

  • You can use siri shortcuts to put a website on your homescreen, since apple restricts brave from doing this with adblocker enabled