Brave Playlist - skip button options for 15/30 seconds on airpods/headphones


Love the Brave Playlist! Such an amazing feature! Thanks guys!

Only thing that’s missing - an option to configure skip buttons (15/30 seconds) when listening on Airpods/Headphones. Currently, when I triple click my airpods pro or other headphones to rewind a few seconds of the current video/audio I’m listening to on my Brave playlist, it goes to the previous item in my Brave playlist instead of just rewinding my current one. Same with double clicking to skip ahead a few seconds of my current video/audio - it skips to the next video in my Brave Playlist instead.

As an example, the default iOS Podcast app has these “skip button” settings which work great.

Implementing this would make me use this feature a LOT more and make it much more convenient to use on the go.


i would love to have an option to choose between 5,10…and 30