iOS/iPhone brave playlist requests

First, thanks. Brave is great. And playlist playing in the background is great. And saving the content offline is great because it solves buffering problems. So thanks.

Some requested improvements:

  1. Export/Import playlist (similar to bookmarks). I have maybe 200 videos. I search my playlist for things I have saved. So much easier than searching (thanks for the search playlist feature BTW) all of youtube/web. But I would lose some / not be able to remember re-find videos if my phone died or there was some bug with brave or my phone and the playlist got corrupted.

  2. Info on each item in the playlist. Currently the playlist lists title, duration, file size. I have several similar videos saved on the same topic. Sometimes the titles are so similar I can’t immediately tell them apart. Sometimes I have to open in new tab to get new information about them (thanks for the open-in-new-tab from playlist feature BTW). Being able to see, say, youtube channel, or views, date video uploaded, would be very helpful. Or to be able to edit the title or add some notes about it–some way to tell two similar videos apart–would be great. Again, similar to bookmark editing.