Add "shuffle" option for Playlist (iOS Brave browser)

Hello, I just wanted to submit a simple request for the Brave iOS app (Brave browser on the iPhone).

I would like to see a “shuffle” button added to the playlist so that the user could play a random video in the offline playlist folder.

Currently, there is no shuffle option and the playlist will only play in a specific order (although you could change the order of the videos and rearrange the order).

There is an option to repeat videos (repeat single video or repeat all videos), but it would be nice to also have a shuffle button as well.

I would think it would be cool to play any random video (from ALL playlist downloads), or only play a random video from a specific playlist folder (so shuffle play all songs, or shuffle play songs in the folder only).


Please implement this feature.

I use Brave Playlist every day as an alternative to Apple Music, Google’s music option, etc.

Shuffling songs is a standard feature of music players that is expected to be present in the product, and I’m surprised it has yet to reach Brave Playlist.

I’m sure more Brave users would benefit from this feature, and perhaps more users would use Brave Playlist if this feature was implemented.

I can afford Apple Music, but choose not to use it because I prefer the additional security and privacy offered by Brave, just as many of your users do, too.

I totally agree with it. Brave should add this feature.
I suppose most people use Playlist for listening to music, as that is what Playlist is for.
It’s surprising that there’s still no shuffle option, so people have to listen to music in the order they downloaded it, and it never changes. That’s one of the craziest things on Brave.

I suppose that they think there would be some lawsuits if they add the feature? In that way, I can understand why they haven’t done this yet.