Contacting someone who actually works in Brave support

Is this actually a thing? I’m tired of posting on this forum to threads that never get resolved. I’ve made two myself. I don’t see the necessity of a making a rage thread over rewards not working. Can I just email someone who can respond to me through a support ticket or the like? Something’s fundamentally broken here and I’d like to speak with someone about the issue via email or other platform.

A different approach is needed. All the things necessary to fix the issue are available.
Every thread ends up with “send screenshot” and version information where nothing ever happens. Rather than things go the same way… brave support: send me a PM with an alternate means to communicate with you guys on.

Yes, you can. You can get some help from the people awarded with the Leader badge here:
I personally recommend @SaltyBanana, but choose whoever you wish.

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