Completed Transfer from Uphold to Brave Wallet - Brave Wallet Empty

I wanted to participate in the Brave Wallet swap sweepstakes. Despite the very large transfer fee I thought I’d at least give the Brave Wallet a try. Sent from my Uphold to my Brave Wallet, pretty simple stuff:

It is a day later and my Brave Wallet is still empty. While I am sure this is user error to some degree, I’d just like to add constructively that it SHOULD be as simple as copying the wallet address and sending funds to that. Apparently it’s not. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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@WP322 Have you added BAT under visible assets in Brave Wallet?

No, I don’t see that option. Would you mind telling me how to do that?

Go to brave://wallet/crypto/portfolio, click Visible assets and tick check-box of Basic Attention Token. Also to participate in Swap-stakes, you would need Ethereum in addition to BAT to pay Gas fee for swaps.


Okay I’ve done that and I see the transfer did go through thank you! However, it still appears as zero when I hit the icon on the top right of my browser. Good enough, I’m just glad it’s there thank you.

There it only shows Ethereum by default. However, you can click on “View account assets” to see BAT. It can take a while to update and may take a few clicks-


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Got it. Thank you so much for the help.

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