Funding the brave wallet


I am trying to fund my brave wallet. I have registered on Uphold and got some BAT. I was under the impression that by holding BAT in Uphold it was updating your balance but it is not. So I tried to send the BAT to the Etherum address found under brave menu -> crypto wallet. I can now see my funds in this wallet but my brave wallet is still showing a zero balance.

How am I suppose to fund my wallet?

First, this is not Brave Rewards (brave:rewards) wallet but Crypto Wallet (brave:wallet). That’s why you not see your BAT in your Rewards wallet.

If you want to send back your BAT from Crypto Wallet to Uphold, you’ll need some ETH to cover the gas price.

Uphold have different “card”. To funding your Rewards wallet, simply transfer your BAT to your Brave Browser card.

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