Comcast/XFinity Houston considers Brave to be illegal and threatens to cancel service

As of July 11, 2022… Comcast considers Brave as illegal software and has threatened to cancel my service. Just thought you would like to know.

As a Veteran of multiple campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, this REALLY pisses me off! Is internet service not considered a public utility? Perhaps my understanding of the 203 clause is flawed? Illegal browsers, really? I choose Brave as it keeps me from seeing all of the Rainbow crap and propaganda that seeks to tear apart Freedom everywhere. No, I did not fight for the right for our ‘citizens’ to tear our Country and Constitution apart!

I understand that you’re resources are not as abundant as those of a communist backed company, but if you have any friends who are wiling to help, please call them and let them know about this. As far as my ‘Representatives’ are concerned, my report would be ignored.




On what? I use Comcast/Xfinity but no issues. Of course, I’m only using it on my computer. I’ve heard of people trying to install it on other devices, such as Smart TV and all, so I’m not sure if you’ve tried adding it to their Flex Box or something. Really thought I’d try to get some specific details here as they generally shouldn’t have a clue you’re using Brave unless you installed it on a device they own (and you’re renting).

Also thought I’d share the info below:

I mean, that’s from 2014 but I can’t find anything else more recent. If you have any “official notice” about it and it states that it’s because of your browser, I’d like to see it. Something doesn’t add up as it’s stated now. And if they truly did say such a thing, then it might open up for you and others to lawsuits as they’d be overstepping.

Thanks for pointing out the equipment rental consideration.
That totally makes sense, and enrages me at the same time. As it is ‘their’ equipment, I can see the potential liability, but my choice of browser shouldn’t be a concern.

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