Secure DNS for Brave Browser

I would like to add to the current list of request for Secure DNS. I think this is a move forward for browsing security as well provide a way to speed up your browsing speed.


Is been added right? How do we use it with a dns like Nextdns?

Is that good over Cloudflare’s

I have no idea which secure dns or browser are most private. I’ve also read using one outside of the untied States is best?
Next dns makes you sign up, which reveals whatever email you give them I guess but it’s got a ton of easy to understand and use filters as well as some settings I’m not sure about like, “allow logging of host IPs” or similar.

Gurus thoughts?

I configured my browser to use For Families by Cloud-flare by inputting this Url: to Advanced Security field in settings.

There may be a specific Dns URL for NextDNS like this to configure your browser to use NextDNS over HTTPS Protocol, You have to find that out.

After signing up for NextDNS, the URL you should use for DoH will be showed in your account details. Unlike other DoH services, NextDNS provides a custom URL for each user.

Ok I got it working thanks much gmacar!

Now I’m thinking next dns isn’t as provisos because it assigns the custom address!? Cloud flare is out of technocratic city so I’m leery of them as well.

What do you say gmacar? Also, is firefox really more private? I heard they were going to give out discenting political peoplea few months ago.

Ps, here’s how the custom address looks on brave after signing up for next dns*your network name here%20brave

Thanks much, and I don’t know who’s more private. So hard to tell. Please let us know if you find out.

Paradoxically, NextDNS can track you very well, because it stores all your logs and IP addresses by default, with your email address. You can, however, periodically delete the logs (assuming they actually delete them…) and choose an alternative jurisdiction where to store them if you don’t trust the US (EU or Switzerland for example).

Well, Firefox is a browser, not a DNS provider.
You could try, which is not for profit.

Well said! Me too selected EU Servers to store these logs. Now i can track down the Trackers/Ad requests at root level, Comparing with cloudflare, NextDNS is far better in terms of ease of customization and it provides a greater amount of utilities to tweak your DNS Queries. Have to compromise with 3 Lakh queries per month. NextDNS also provides a profile level solution to redirect your DNS Queries made in Apple devices without the use of an additional app! Really loved it… (Dunno how longer :laughing: :sweat_smile:)