Cox contour streaming app does not work

Brave loads the cox contour TV guide, but cannot start the selected show. The error indicates that cox thinks I’m out of the United States. Same result with or without shields.

Are you using a VPN? or if possible use a VPN at a different location.

Happy to test, but I’ll need a login/password since I’m in NZ.

No vpn. Not sure if Cox or Brave is making the IP look like an overseas address.

Maybe do a, is the ip and/or location correct?

Solved it. I turned off the “use secure DNS” option on the security settings.

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Maybe not. It worked one time, then gets the same error when I try to repeat it.

Could try a clean Brave profile? (or test in Brave Beta)

It’s working again. Went from not working yesterday to working today. Weird.

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Great to hear, thanks for the feedback.

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