CNN.Com Video showing ads!

I have a iMac and the last couple of days CNN.Com Videos are showing ad’s! It just started doing so. Before that everything was fine and working as it is supposed to. Brave is fully updated.

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are you sure your on the right settings? do u have shields up for that site if you do turn them off if that does not work you can turn on aggressively block trackers and ads that should most likely work.

Sorry! But yes Shields are set and ads are blocked and in fact I have set ad blocking to aggressive. I also have Firefox with Ublock and that is working just fine w/o out the ads.

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Try disabling shields and re-enabling? Also test cnn in private window mode.

Well i do not know then i visted cnn and i have had no ads i think this may just be a issue with brave or imac most likely should be fixed in the next patch

Also try running brave as admin or reinstalling

Ok tried turning off shields and restarting and running in a Private windows and it is still doing it! The ads are being blocked what is not are the ads in the Video Feeds. Now the same thing happens in Brave Beta. And this has just started!

Same problem for me but with youtube… and some websites are showing some ads on the sides. Brave shield might need an update

There’s a Catch-22 here. If you don’t allow autoplay on CNN, you can’t get to the videos at all - they refuse to play. If you do allow autoplay on CNN, the ads get past the Brave shield.

To change the setting, if you want to experiment, go to the CNN site, right-click the little padlock to the left of the URL, and choose Site settings. There, you can turn autoplay on or off for just this site.

i was just wondering if you figured anything out? The Ads in the CNN.Com Feed are still coming thru.

It’ll require removeparm support to fix the video ads.

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