CNN videos won't play when clicked on

I can not getthe CNN videos to play when I click on them. Viedo seems to load ( no arrow, but forward/reverse icon shows up). No problem with Youtube or videos on MSMBC or other web news.

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  1. Using this to view news on desktop. all copy shows

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You may try two things.
1st. You will see a Brave Shield Logo on the right of the search bar of the browser where the web address appears. Click on that and see whether the ‘Scripts’ are blocked. If they are blocked, then unblock them and reload the page. The videos will be running normally.
2nd. you may try switching off the Brave Shield. For that, click on the same Brave Shield Logo, and then at the very first row, toggle the orange bar to switch the Brave Shield Off for that particular site. Then reload the page if it is not reloaded automatically.
These two things may help.
Brave browser usually block ads, trackers and other things in order to make you surf web faster without distractions. These things may trigger Brave Browser to block them as Brave may detect them as those distraction. Well, if turning off the Brave Shield helps you, you may report that site, and Brave will resolve the issue.
Thanks for using Brave!
Good Luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

This was fixed about a week ago, (due to a amazon script causing it), from a previous thread: Issue playing CNN's website videos! - #10 by fanboynz

Just re-tested:

  • Test in private window mode, no extensions.
  • Test in a clean Brave profile.

…and this is a bad thing?

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I’m a bit of a new-be at this. Can someone tell me how and where to edit in this script, or point me to something. I haven’t “edirted” since my CPM days


Hey Steve, if I’m understanding the previous posts correctly, it looks to me like it should “self-resolve” next time your browser fetches (automatically) filter lists from Brave. If that’s true then you shouldn’t need to do anything. If you’re still having the same problem let us know.

Bey JIm,

Yup, it seems it has. The first video in the slider at the bottom ( on the left) did not play, but I scrolled over to the 2nd and that and the rest played. Funny when I came up to the same video in the scroll ( as the 1st one on the initial left) it played. Not sure what’s going on there but I’ll Take it… Maybe it will help me kick te CNN habit and pay more attention to work!

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