Cmd+<: Shortcut annoyance

Suddenly cmd+< that I use to cycle through windows has started opening the Brave settings for me. It still works in other programs and browsers (including Chrome), and cmd+> still works as expected in Brave.

Is there a way to disable this bahviour?

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I am not a MacOS person, but Brave released a new feature to customize keybaord shortcuts inside Brave which is obviously causing some small issues to MacOS people.

So, you can go to brave://settings/system/shortcuts see if removing the settings shortcut fixes it, if not, you have to disable the feature with brave://flags/#brave-commands, especially if you are not the type of person that will customize keyboard shortcuts.

That’s basically the information I wrote to someone else in a post yesterday.

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Thanks a lot! Disabling brave://flags/#brave-commands did the trick – it now behaves normally again, and doesn’t override system shortcuts.

For anyone doing Brave debugging I’m on an older mac mini with Big Sur, and using a Norwegian extended keyboard. As for other stuff that can interfere with the feature, I’m using Karabiner-Elements for custom keybindings – but the shortcut that got overridden is a regular system one (and didn’t happen in any other applications).

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Btw, the reason for it being cmd+< and cmd+> for me is the Norwegian keyboard layout. Backtick is sort of akwardly placed and not much used, while < and > are at the same location as backtick at a US keyboard (lelft of z).

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