Brave Browser is Overriding my MacOS Keyboard Shortcut?

Description of the issue:

Before the most recent update/recently updating to MacOS Sonoma, I was able to easily lock my Mac by using the shortcut “Command + L.” Now after those updates, when I select “Command + L,” it just highlights the address bar of my browser and it does NOT lock my Mac. I’ve tried researching online how to disable Brave commands with no success.

**Operating System and Brave Version:
MacOS 14.0 Sonoma, Brave Version: 1.58.137

Go to brave://flags and disable it.

I also want to point out you can edit, add, or remove shortcuts in Brave’s settings. SettingsSystemShortcuts

Yeah so I actually saw this somewhere, and I tried disabling it, restarting my browser & Mac w/ no success.

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