Cloud sync for Brave browser

Can you please make could sync for this browser? I love this browser very much, but It’s annoying when there is no cloud sync on this browser. Thanks!

Sorry for my broken English >.<

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Hi @PixelGM,

I’m not sure about what you mean by “cloud sync”. But Brave do have Brave Sync – for now only sync your bookmarks.

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Cloud sync is where you log in account and you save you sync data to the server, so you will never lose your data (passwords, bookmarks, etc).


Our current system is effectively a cloud sync, but the encryption keys are owned by you so there is no way a third party could take your data.

Hope that helps!

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But if my phone was formatted, will my data (saved passwords, bookmarks, etc) gonna lose?

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Can we have at least backup passwords?

And, we also can;t save passwords.

The connection phrase is the key, so if you back that up even using pen & paper, that will be sufficient to recover your bookmarks.

With respect to backing up passwords, it’s a good feature request. In lieu of that, I would recommend a password manager which works across devices.

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How do you retrieve that key?

Thank you.

Yes, you lose your data, as brave doesn’t support account creation

What the OP is requesting is a way to save data to the cloud, for example, bookmarks, so when you format your PC, you can then retrieve it without needing to export or sync with another device.

Similar to how Firefox and Chrome works.

I’d love to have that too.

you can sync it to another device and then sync it back after reset or anything

Then if possible make it such that it can be saved as a file in the pc (with or without encryption) then we can upload it to G drive/one drive or other cloud servers making it easier to recover. I don’t have 2nd pc and since brave mobile doesn’t support extentions I have pretty hard time using it that’s why if possible please add this feature.