Brave Sync and Backup

I am reinstalling my Windows,so I want all my Brave data backed up.While going through ways to do so,I was able to know about UserData folder.But I am trying to upload it on Gdrive and Mega but upload isnt staring in both of them(Am able to upload every other folder).

So if you know some cloud services on which I will be able to upload that folder.

Also while trying to sync my PC data to mobile(Windows to android) using brave sync chain,it isnt showing my bookmarks and history on my mobile.
So does sync work like:Every history and bookmarks sync only if they are bookmarked after turning on sync or is there something else which I m missing.

In case sync wont add bookmarks and all which are done before turning on sync I would like to know any other options to backup my data

@_Balthazar passwords, bookmarks, etc are saved via sync. Majority of you BAT, especially that you’ve earned in the past, is saved in custodial wallet. If you don’t have a custodial wallet, then you’d lose all BAT during reinstalling.

That said, a project manager with Brave did inform us of some additional methods made available but is still unofficial. It’s just a plug until official backup and restore comes out. Check out all the comments at the two links below, paying extra close attention to what chriscat (project manager) instructs.

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Thanks for the reply but you see I am not worried about BAT,its my data like bookmarks and autofill and that stuff which is more important to me.And as I mentioned I know that by backing up my UserData or BraveBrowser folders I will be able to get all my data that for me is important.But thing is I am not able to backup the folder on cloud(I used Gdrive and Mega),so is there any cloud service on which I would be able to backup the folder.

If not than through sync will I be able to get my bookmarks and auto fill and all that which I had before turning on sync to the device I synced with or is it that I will get only the (lets say)bookmarks that I bookmark after turning on sync.

If above para isnt clear than read this example:
Right now I havent turned sync on.
Suppose I have a URL “X” as bookmarked.
Now I turn on sync to my other device.
Now I bookmark a URL “Y”
So in my other device only Y will get added to bookmark or X will also get added to my bookmarks in other device
PS:Also don’t forget to suggest a cloud service where I will be able to backup my folder stated earlier

@_Balthazar Guessing Let me do two comments here, since this one is loaded. In regards to the links I shared, whether you care about BAT or not, let me highlight why I said to read them and the key thing here.

When you go to just move UserData and all, you can corrupt or have issues.

I would replace the entire /brave-browser folder right away before doing anything else. Don’t enable Rewards first in the new installation. (That said, /brave-browser is basically everything about your browser profile, even if you enabled Rewards first and then went and replaced the /brave-browser folder, it’d be a completely different profile.) But I’d just avoid any additional/unnecessary steps :).

Also, before you do this, I would also go and copy-paste your brave://rewards-internals (of your old browser) first, just to have a copy of that as well. Most important is the general info tab.

Regarding “Users manually backup (copy/paste) and restore their user profiles to new computers (restoration fails as we could not decrypt the wallet as each instance of the wallet has its own decryption key)”, we made some changes recently that makes copy-pasting like this much more reliable, so users can do it if they are tech savvy, and if they are otherwise out of options. (In other words, that line is slightly out of date, will probably be updated, but is still somewhat relevant given not all users have updated.) However, it is extremely important that users do this properly: first by making sure their browser is updated to the latest version of Brave (brave://help), and then completely replacing the /brave-browser folder on a new installation. Failing to perform those steps can lead to all kinds of unexpected behavior. Still, this is not the officially supported path, so there are no guarantees.

They do say if you only do portions of files, you can corrupt it or cause issues. So if you’re copying/moving files, move the whole thing.

As for Sync, once you create the sync chain, it would have whatever you tell it to sync.

So that would be your bookmarks, passwords, browser history, autofill, etc. When you originally add, it should put everything from prior to your current. Then as you delete and all, it would do so from both devices. I’ve always had multiple devices running, so never used as a sole backup. I’m pretty sure it would work but wouldn’t guarantee, so I’d say definitely have a backup of it.


As to cloud, you can do it on Google Drive. Not sure why you’re saying you can’t? I just tested it and copied mine over. I would link it for you to have as a backup, but obviously wouldn’t be that smart of me since it has all my passwords and bookmarks! lol

I mean, if you have anything with Apple you could do or something. Though might just be better to go buy a cheap USB flash drive and store it there. Then easy to just have as a backup in case Sync goes wrong and it’s easy to move over, compared to the hassle of uploading/downloading from the cloud and everything.