Brave Sync - what if synced devices lost

I am new to Brave and I love its features and privacy.

I would like to know more about Brave Sync.

I have enabled Brave-Sync between my Desktop and mobile and I have stored the Sync Key in my secure vault.

What if I Lost / accidently formatted both Desktop and Mobile phone?

If it’s Safari / Chrome, I can restore passwords via cloud logins but I believe such thing is not available with Brave.

Is it possible to restore my data if both synced devices lost / formatted? (I still have Sync key)

Hello @Vinay06

Thank you for reaching out and welcome to our community. About your question once you sync the information will be saved automatically, additionally please save the sync key the system will give you.

If you want to know more information about sync please visit this link.

Let me know if that answer the question and have a nice day! :wave: