How to sync after reinstall?

I recently reinstall windows to my PC and I had to reinstall Bravo. The thing is I lose all the saved passwords, bookmarks, and everything. I’m asking for the next time. Do you have any sync method? If yes please let me know backup my things?

Any help, Please? Can’t find in the help files as well

Yes, Brave have Brave Sync that can be used to sync your browser data.

Thanks for the reply. But this is not what I want. Can I Sync via cloud base?
Ex-Google Chrome?

what is the issue with the current sync implmentation?

It’s basically cloud. The only thing is that you need to keep the “password” somewhere like google keep or notion or wherever you want

Basically, I have reinstalled the browser. How can I restore my old password and bookmarks?

Can You please explain the “password” thing? I think I haven’t setup that?

If you go to the sync settings in brave and create a new sync chain you see that there is an option view sync code.
That sync code can be used to sync all your password and stuff to another brave ( on your phone for example )

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