Clarity on Sponsored images Rewards


I’m looking for a little more clarity on the value and rewards paid out for the sponsored images.

I’m seeing a lot of them, and I mean around the numbers of 15-20 every day, however, they do not seem to contribute even a little to my rewards balance. I can be sure of that. They used to before - I could see my balance move up by .1 BAT or similar after seeing just 3-4 sponsored images (with no ads in between), but nowadays, that’s not the case anymore.

I can go 6-8 sponsored images without seeing any increase in my rewards balance. Can the support team check for a possible bug ? I can see a lot of similar posts, but no clarity on any of them.


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They said that the amount get added on your payout which you will get every month.


Yes, like I mentioned, earlier an increase could be seen in the pending rewards, however that is no longer the case for sponsored images, and hence my question :slight_smile:


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no i mean it will be automatically added to the payout balance on 6th july like if your pending rewards is 10BAT the sponsored ads balance will be added making it 15BAT for monthly payments.

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That has never happened no, and I’ve been using Brave for a while now.
Never had unaccounted BAT being deposited, that weren’t cut off from the pending rewards.

Mods @Mattches @steeven can you maybe throw some light on this ?

idk they said this ? :confused:

Hi, just bumping this again, please do let me know if this is under active consideration from the team :raised_hands:

@eljuno Can you help out ?

up please! #transparancy

Hello,why is it so complicated to have an answer , please?

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one person at support please

There are no known issues with Sponsored Images at this time, and we do plan to ship updates to the UI in the future to help break-down earnings between Ads, Sponsored Images, etc.

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