Estimated Pending Rewards at 0 BAT but i see ADS

Hi! So I’ve been receiving ads this months yet my Estimated Pending Rewards remain at 0?

I see a number of posts like this (I’m having the same issue) but the Brave team doesn’t seem to have a response. Is anybody from Brave paying attention?


There was an outage with Brave Ads a few days ago that has been reported as fixed, but clearly something is STILL broken. @steeven is on vacation this week. @Mattches @SaltyBanana this is STILL an issue for many of us. We are seeing ads, they are listed in our 7-day Ads History, but they are NOT being reflected in our “Estimated pending rewards” or in our “Ads received this month”.

Hi there, Brave support is working to resolve this issue.

Could you DM me your wallet information.

Salty :banana:

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Sometimes I’ve this issue. For payout it’s an awful headache because some ads cost 0.01, others only 0.005. How to be fair in the payment of ads viewed ? :sweat_smile: :thinking: