Sponsored Images Decrease (again)

Hello!, 1 hour ago i was receiving 0.01 per image I saw on my tab, but actually at this exact moment im receiving the exact half; 0.005…
I thought that the increase from 0.005 to 0.01 was here to stay after the massive drop… turns out this change didn’t even last 48 hours…

Any info regarding to this? are we gonna get 0.01 back? this 50% rewards thing + the 50%+ decrease in BAT makes it almost impossible to reach 2BAT/MONTH.

I had the idea that the client basically gets the same USD amount (aprox) regardless the price of the token throughout the months, this IS not happening, Thanks!

(I know it depends on advertisers… but, who is profiting of this situation?)

@tmancey @steeven I would love to hear from you.


i receive 0.005 for per image . but sometime the image didnot pay any bat amount . now the day its hard to collect 1 bat in a month

Oh well, at least Brave is earning a ton of money on our behalf… We’re still the product but because they pay us a miniscule amount we act like sheep


any insider could clarify this situation?

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