Can I Get This Badge Changed From Chrome to Brave

I joined a forum with cool techie people. The forum figures out what browser we are running, sort of, and puts a badge on our posts showing what we run, sort of:

Is there anything anyone can do to get Brave’s icon showing up instead of Chrome’s?

If I were to take a guess at this I would assume it is because Brave is running off of chromium? That or the forum does not have an icon for Brave, therefore, it is detecting a chromium browser and defaulting to chrome.

If they are using User-Agent to do that, then you can’t do anything.

Brave uses the same Chrome’s User-Agent.
Since Brave doesn’t have its own UA to avoid fingerprinting, I doubt websites have it set up that it will display anything even if you add Brave to the user agent.
But you can use Devtools if you want to test changing the UA and see if it shows anything when you add Brave to it, I think Brave had its own UA some years ago, but they dropped it in favor of chrome to avoid being easily fingerprinted.

You can also use extensions to change UA. I like to use the HTTP header modifier extensions though, because you can do that and more. but again, I doubt changing UA will do much

Brave had plans for its own UA but didn’t work out because many sites broke

So, it would be good if the page used Brave’s API to know you are using Brave… which is the reason many sites are able to block Brave, and the reason for brave-fix scriptlet to exist.

So, you could so stuff, but it would be too hacky to care to do them, like inject JS to modify the SRC of the Chrome avatar and load a Brave one instead, but, seems more work than what it is worth it, since only you would see it.

You can also change the UA to Edge or Opera or something else, at least that will work to let others know you don’t use Chrome.

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