Charged after I cancelled 7 day trial

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I tried out the $9.99 VPN + Firewall but am afraid it didn’t work well for me. I cancelled the service via my iPhone’s “subscriptions” setting and received an immediate confirmation that my subscription was cancelled on 7/26. I was charged $9.99 a day later.

It appears that my account is still hooked up on Brave’s end, and my iPhone cancellation didn’t change my brave user account settings. I really don’t want to be charged for services after cancellation. Could someone help me get my $$ back? Attached is screenshot showing that I cancelled plan on during the trial window, and another showing I was charged the following day.

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Contact Apple App Store support regarding this and if they fail to do anything then file for a chargeback from your card.

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Hi @Semantica, just wanted to follow up. Did you request the refund in the App store directly?