Cancelled in August, but still charging me

Windows desktop VPN browser service

I cancelled the VPN service with Brave back in August 2023 and since I’ve been charged twice a month (two separate $9.99 transactions?). Can you please cancel these charges and verify reimbursement for erroneous charges since my account does not have an active plan?

Thank you


@JBRA How you signed up? Did you do it through a mobile device or a desktop? If on a mobile device, subscriptions are handled through the App Store/Play Store. If it’s on desktop, you did it through in which case, can you show if it says it’s canceled?

When I’m asking on you to check, I’m looking to see if it might look like below:


Or perhaps more like below:


But I want to know what it says.

I know you mentioned Windows desktop, but I like to verify because some people signed up with their Android or something and then connected their Desktop to their Android’s subscription. So just wanting to verify here rather than assume. If you had done it that way, the subscription would need to be canceled via Play Store. If you tried doing through the website or something, you’d have your issue.

Final Note

You likely need to create a support ticket at

Thanks for the speedy reply. I did sign up through my desktop and not through the google store or any other app. I check accounts.brave and it shows the following

Although I cancelled in August. Regardless, they should not still be charging me in December (which they did twice - two different $9.99 charges for VPN)

Can you help turn this off and refund this - I’m appealing to my credit card company as well. They are usually pretty good at recouping this but want to make sure Brave does right by its customers since it is such a highly reviewed service.


Yeah, I see where they show expired on November 4. Not sure if they had extra time from trial that delayed it or why you canceling in August would last to November. But regardless, should be handled. Other thing I definitely was saying to check is to make sure you didn’t have any additional subscriptions. Like one person had accidentally created one through Android and then another on the Brave website. When they cancelled, they only had done it through the site and not the one on the app store. So important to keep that in mind.

But if you complete the support ticket as I linked earlier, they’ll definitely look into it and make things right.

Once you’ve opened the support ticket, can you please reply back here with the ticket number so I can ensure your case gets looked at?

Thank you