Please someone help me please

On April 19thi was charged an outrageous amount of money by Brave $108. Dollars for VPN a yearly subscriptions when I signed up it said my card wouldn’t be charged or something like that yall took the last bit of money to my name for two weeks I have children I need my money can’t believe this help me someone plz
I just wanted the browser not the vpn and a hundred and eight bucks not on my best day would I ever pay that amount of money for any browser vpn sorry plz someone I have kids who need that money for food what do I do ???

@hsrz1975 Sorry for the trouble. The VPN trial is only 7 days, which means you will be charged afterward if not canceled. However, since you purchased on the App Store, you can still cancel and request a refund directly. Please follow the steps below:

To cancel:
Go to Settings > Apple ID > Subscriptions > select ‘Brave Firewall + VPN’ and hit “cancel subscription”

To request a refund, go back to the previous screen. Select Media & Purchases > View account > Purchase History > Select ‘Brave Firewall Subscription’ and tap and “Report a Problem” to request a refund from Apple.