Changes to the Brave Referral Program

Hello, brave team.
I was disappointed with recent affiliate news, as I am among the blocked countries. I am also upset by the fact that we are kept in the dark. No one answers letters and topics about this.
I have been promoting the brave for over a year, and will soon pass the 10,000 confirmed mark. And I do not get a clear answer. This is strange. After all, I attracted a lot of people, I did everything honestly, having a small YouTube channel and groups in social networks. I have a confirmed uphold wallet from the very beginning.

  1. Of course, like all honest publishers, I am interested in the question of whether it is possible to continue working with the brave, having personal unlocking? If so, how. If not, then there are other questions
  2. What are the estimated deadlines for blocking? Month, half year, year?
  3. Suppose if the lock stops working, will ALL downloads and installations be counted for me during the blocking period. Or should I completely stop promoting your browser for this period?
  4. Lock forever? and in order to reassure people, you said that maybe someday it will be removed?

You understand that at the click of a finger the browser does not download. we need to work on these processes. And we need to know what you are planning to do with blocking in general. What should people from blocked countries do during this period? But it turns out, you just dumped the information on your head and do not answer.


Hello @Dushniy
I’m also included in the content creator from the pending country.
whether old content creators like us who have tried to promote Brave will be blocked too.
in my personal opinion it’s not fair. :scream:
My hope is only for the new content creator which is locked as an appreciation from Brave for the old content creator or not to have a country blocked
Hopefully it can be considered from the brave team

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Will tiping also be banned?



Existing and new creators in these countries will be prevented from participating in the Referral Program, though we hope to resume the program for these countries in the near future.

I’m pretty sure this one answered questions 1, 2, and 4, @Dushniy. Also @miracleneverrtrevino question.

so we urge Creators in these regions to halt their Referral Campaigns if possible.

And this one for question 3

No. Only referral program.


So if people tiped me some BAT i would be able to withdraw it?


HI, @eljuno
That is the thing that does not answer questions. The translation gives me the text in the sense where there is no specificity. You say that it is POSSIBLE to resume the program. (But maybe not).
Do not say how much the lock will be (month, year?).
Also, this text does not guarantee that you can resume the program at all (from there I took question 4). (you can say in a couple of months (in theory) that you could not solve the problem of fraud, and now the referral programs are permanently closed).
If you said (conditionally) that “01.09.2020 the referral program will be restored for blocked countries” or “for these countries the affiliate program is terminated forever” or “you can pass a personal check and continue to work.” I would be calm, because there is SPECIFIC information.

The process of attracting people to your browser just does not stop or resume. I need to delete videos and posts. And then create everything in a new way. So I want to know what to do now.

Eljuno, May I ask you for more specific information? At least an approximate date?

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You were given the opportunity to earn good money, and you still demand something. I am also banned, but I am grateful that I was able to feel in the referral program. You were not asked to make these videos and articles. Learn to say thank you!


Please ask: We are in countries prevented from participating in the Referral Program, so will Brave return the referral money in the locked account to us?
Please answer for me.
Thank you very much.

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Yes. :point_down: When the team is sure there’s no posibilities for another fraud attempts.

We will re-evaluate these countries’ statuses in the future. These changes are meant to combat fraud and ensure the continued growth of Brave and well-meaning participants in our Referral Program.

For how long, I can’t give you number. It can take months, or years. We just can hope for the best.

I know it’s felt not fair, but because of some creators that trying to do not so good things, this decisions has to me made

Thanks for your understanding and apologies for any inconveniences.


OK I understood. thanks for the answer

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And how did you then promote the browser without videos and articles? We were just asked to do this. Promote your browser using unique authoring content. And some began to cash in on this, trying to push their ads into Google ads (and the like) because of which there were problems in the past.
And I agree about the rest, and I’m not going to argue. But this does not change matters, we are blocked, thanks to “cool and creative” scammers.


So what about tha? Is it possible?

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I mean withdrawing BAT that your subscribers contributed for you?

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