PLEASE HELP ! - The Referral Program will be put on hold for all Creators

Hello, Brave team…
I am one of the content creators from a pending country, I can email that for new users can not be rewarded from a delayed country.
My Question
Is it possible for an old content creator like me to get a reward?
or the same remain in the block

Please help the explanation

I’m afraid, this one :point_up:

will be applicable to existing Creators soon, so we urge Creators in these regions to halt their Referral Campaigns if possible

Existing and new creators in these countries will be prevented from participating in the Referral Program, though we hope to resume the program for these countries in the near future.


Hello @eljuno
in the contents of the email about multiple country on hold notifications, there are
You can always connect your wallet to Uphold and get an ID check for a new referral code and earn via the Referral Program; however, the program remains restricted for the aforementioned countries.

Referral Program; however, the program remains restricted for the aforementioned countries.

does it mean that it will still exist but is limited to reff programs in certain countries,
please help explain?

the Referral Program will be put on hold for new Creators in the following countries:

  • China
  • Indonesia
  • Russia
  • Ukraine
  • Vietnam

This one. :point_up: Referral program still works world-wide. Only creators from countries listed above is not able to participate.

Hello @eljuno
does the reff link still exist or disappear in the account?
for a country that is currently on hold

Trank’s friend for help

So, if I’m for example from France and run advertising campaigns worldwide I can still promote brave in restricted countries and I will receive my reward for advertising in these regions as before or I need to stop advertising in these countries and focus only on others?

You cannot do this if you live in New York state, because of the limitations of Uphold that have not changed despite being a problem since Brave inception. So members of restricted countries have more ability to accrue within restriction, and can even now receive their funds, unlike residents of New York State, U.S.A. Why does Brave refuse to allow an alternative for New York users, at least, but instead refuse to answer and lock topics when breached by legitimate American users who have done exactly as Brave is intended and are restricted from their just rewards?

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