Payments to blocked countries. Didn't receive the latest awards

So. Hi to all.
I was among the blocked countries. They closed my affiliate program somewhere in August. And I still haven’t received the final payments.
You see, the fact is that people who download the browser from your link do not visit every day and, accordingly, payments are made later. Someone uses Brave Browser as a fallback, they visit less often (2nd or 3rd in a row). And payments for these people occur later. In 1-2-3 months.
I already had a conversation with Steeven a few months ago. There was no solution to the problem.
Based on this, I have a question: WILL I RECEIVE MY AWARDS?

P.S. yes, I can agree that some downloads happened AFTER the program was closed, as there are a lot of where I promoted Brave browser. And for them I shouldn’t get paid. But not 8000 BAT !!! The first month after the program was closed I had 25-30 clicks on links !!! (these are not downloads, but just transitions) and this is about 15 installations - 2-3 confirmations. Now I have 3-4 transitions a month. Do you think that the number of these transitions can make me 8K BAT in 3 months ???

To be honest, I’m tired of trying to find out and prove something.


I am grateful to all the people who made it possible to make money on the affiliate program. But I’m upset that I can’t get my reward and say goodbye to the referral program.

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