Why is Brave censoring what websites I can look at for political reasons?

I went to RT.com and I see that Brave is blocking access to the site.

When did my browser get to decide where I get my news.

It is outrageous.

seems strange, i’ve just visited rt.com in Brave on Linux with shields on, all seems fine to me

Website works fine for me on Brave, it’s something else on your end.

I’m guessing it’s not Brave that’s blocking you.

Full disclosure: Posting from USA, my ISP is also a phone company, and I’m not using a VPN right now.

Added bonus: Screenshot from Brave search engine.

Suggestion: Try the Brave search engine and see what happens at your end.

I can confirm that I can visit the site in question as well, as opposed to the OP’s experience
so it might be an isolated case on the OP.

RT.com works fine here with Brave Desktop on Chromebook/Linux.

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