Issues enabling chromecast on brave browser

Hi all, I attempted to enable chromecast on my brave browser per this thread from a little over a year ago

I enabled #load-media-router-component-extension.
However, I am presently unable to find #Views-cast-dialog which the aforementioned thread says I may need to disable.

As such, I have been unable to cast anything. Please let me know if I may be able to try something different to make this work. Thank you so much.

I am running Brave 1.5.123 on MacOS Catalina.
Thank you!


No need to access the flags anymore.
Brave has a setting for that:
Media Router in the extensions settings (chrome://settings/extensions)
(which indeed enables the #load-media-router-component-extension flag)

So, as you have already enabled it, Chromecast should be activated.
In Brave menu, don’t you see “Cast…” just after “Print…”?


Awesome, thank you so much! It worked

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