CAPTCHA required at every website + video refused to connect on video streaming sites

I have been facing CAPTCHA requirements on almost every website I browse since starting this week as the problem never happened before.

Another problem is when I browse video streaming websites the video does not load and error says refused to connect.

Appreciate your support for Brave community.

CAPTCHAs are a bit of a downside of using a privacy browser that hides your internet fingerprint. You’ll see more of them more often.

As for the streaming service, have you turned on javascript block? Sometimes adjusting your shield settings on a particular site can help.

I have been using brave for more than 3 months and never faced any issue with captcha it just started this week!
it literally ask me to do it every single time its not feasible anymore

Can you please tell me what Windows OS you’re using as well as whether or not you have any extensions installed at this time?

I am using windows 10. As far as the extensions only google translate and phantom wallet.

I do not think it happens on all websites, unless those websites have high advertising content, are pirated content pages or those websites that use captcha to prevent bots and programs from using and playing their videos outside the web.

Also the captcha appears repeatedly when you use a VPN,

I understand your point but I have been using the same websites for the past 3 months with no issue at all it just happened out of a sudden. Also I dont use VPN.

Screenshot of the captcha in action? Does it occur in private window mode?

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Its strange that captcha stopped popping. But streaming sites videos still does not work.

Which streaming sites? I just tested twitch without issue

they started working again I really dont know whats going on but at least everything went back to normal.

Strange indeed – please let us know if the issue occurs again.

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I wonder if any of that can be attributed to the Amazon storage outage that happened the other day. It impacted sites all over the net.

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