Can't withdraw BAT from browser wallet


I put all my BAT i purchased of Binance a coupleof years ago in the browser wallet. When I tried to withdraw them from the browser wallet I could not. I asked around and you said that it will be implemented. Then came Uphold and now I tried again. But the thing is Uphold doesn’t see my browser balance, and they can’t help - I asked. So how do I solve this? I like BAT and want it to succeed but if I cant even do a single withdrawal after years of progress…

Please help me / Larsson

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There is no fix for that issue, we are already waiting YEARS for fix to be implemented.

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Ok - time for cointelegraph article then. Urgh.

For months my BAT from Brave rewards not going to my uphold account


My BAT hasn’t gone to my uphold wallet for months uphold says its a bug in brave. when will this be fixed so i can claim my BAT? brave says 101.61 uphold shows 27 plz fix this its been a problem for too long

Yes I am talking to cointelegraph now to write an article, so please everyone that has this issue could you explain your experience, also screenshots from statements etc is helpful. I am sad to do this but nothing gets me infuriated like the scamming in this space.

In the end this is theft.

I upgraded my brave browser Then disconnected my uphold wallet, then reconnected my uphold wallet and my coins loaded into uphold all at once. So if there is an upgrade to brave it should automatically work without having to disconnect and reconnect or spend so much time researching to figure it out.

Yes please correct me if I am wrong, that would be ideal.

I just see the same posts over the last two years…

i upgraded to the newest version of brave. all of this took time to figure out but i got my 101 BAT

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