Can't withdraw bat from brave

I use brave in 2 places, work and home.
At work I have 16 Bat, and I would like to withdrawn.
Started the process for the first time.
Brave gave only 2 choices, Gemini or Uphold.

Tried Gemini: Website asked me for a Passport, that I do not have. Bust.
Tried Uphold: Account created (from my brave at home)

Went back to Brave at work, clicked on Withdraw Funds.
Selected UPHOLD:
Authorize application
Authorize application
Authorize application
Authorize application
Authorize application

Tried to directly login into Uphold separately in another tab.
Same loop happens

Tried to create a new Uphold account from my brave at work.
Registration does not work, goes NOWHERE, second click “Already Registered”.
No email verification ever arrived, and the new login does not respond.

Im stuck.

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Welcome to the community!
First of all, did you ever created any one of those wallets before?

Sorry, kind of a vague question.

I already had a wallet at Uphold before trying to withdraw from Brave.
I did not had a Gemini Wallet, and created an account. (but since it asked for a Passport, I immediately left the website)

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Interesting indeed! This is a point of no return, for your safety and security, they are obliged to request it; imagined entering entering a bank with a good idea of opening an account but when a teller asked you to summit your passport , you decide to exit a bank! Those e wallet are just like your bank because they are coordinated to your personal account for your transactions : :ok_woman:

Obligated to request a PASSPORT ? For what possible reason ??? Not everyone has a passport, but everyone have an ID of some sort, maybe even drivers license.

Why not my National ID ? Thats how I already have several accounts on the biggest exchanges worldwide. Coinbase, Binance, Kucoin, etc.

Asking for a passport is nonsense, or to say the least, lazy.

A tiny shitty wallet is asking me to have a passport ? Cmon…

Well since no help was given whatsoever, just let this topic die while I unninstall this browser into oblivion.

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As far as I know; if you have anyone of them , there is no problem and if they are still valid.

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