Uphold Wallet refuses to let me search of the US

The Uphold website is broken and refuses to let me search for the US and the only other option is greyed out so I can’t use it either. Why force us to get an external wallet to transfer tokens to if attempting to connect one is a dead end? Come up with a better option, please! It’s starting to look like a bad faith move. I haven’t been able to confirm BAT tokens for about a month. Now this “Get a wallet or else”? Only none of them work? I even created an account at Gemini and Brave refuses to link. Neither one works for me. What gives?

@jackiebean I can’t figure out if you’re just trolling a bit or what? How about trying United States which is what usually shows up. US isn’t a country, it’s an acronym.



And yes, Gemini is down, as is shared at links below:

No I’m not trolling. Same thing. Why didn’t they pick already well known exchanges?

@steeven @Mattches I just shared links with Chriscat, but figured I’d tag you in on this as well. Been seeing posts in various places like here and on Reddit at https://www.reddit.com/r/brave_browser/comments/175gx6s/uphold_account/

Essentially, it seems some people trying to create Uphold accounts aren’t able to get country selection. But if they do go to Uphold’s website, they are able to handle everything completely.

I should try testing myself to see if can replicate, but little lazy at the moment. But wanted to give a heads up since seen it reported multiple times now.

And @jackiebean sorry for the delay here for responding to you. Issue seems to be as I just mentioned, that this is an issue seeming to occur only if you go to create an Uphold account from within the Rewards menu. If you go to Uphold’s website and create, you should have no issues.

This issue should be resolved now!

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